Nepal Knotcraft Centre (NKC) Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneering manufacturer of macramé products, recycled-wood items and products made of natural fibers. Taking inspiration from Nepal’s rich natural and cultural beauty and building on traditional skills, the Centre provides employment to women from across the country and creates unique products for homes and offices.
NKC was founded in July 1984, by Mrs. Shyam Badan Shrestha, with the goal of providing economic empowerment to women via employment. Initially, it employed three women who manufactured macramé goods. Today, the centre employs hundreds of women from socially and economically deprived communities from all over Nepal, and it manufactures products utilizing natural plant materials native to Nepal from the low-lying wetlands to the high Himalayan range.
All the products are hand crafted in Nepal by women from various ethnicities like Rai, Limbu, Gurung, Tharu, Newar, etc. who are known for their traditional weaving skills. Continuously improving in quality and increasing in production volume, the products from NKC are exported to USA, Japan, Germany, and Denmark. Our customers appreciate the high quality of these unique eco-friendly products.
Fiberweave Nepal
Fiber weave
NKC started manufacturing macramé products with cotton and rayon yarns, which were imported during the time of its inception. NKC then tried to use some local raw materials for macramé work. The search for suitable local material for knotted products led to the discovery of various natural plants rich in fiber; however, they were not suitable for macramé. The search also led to the discovery of various indigenous skills within different ethnic communities in many districts of Nepal. During the process, NKC found and tested more than 40 varieties of natural fibers available in different parts of Nepal. NKC started designing new products using these raw materials and incorporated traditional weaving, and hence Fiber Weave was born.
Fiber Weave is a brand of NKC. It is a part of a larger sustainable development initiative undertaken by NKC to empower women using biodiversity focusing on vegetable fibers abundantly found in Nepal. All Fiber Weave products are modern designs based on traditional weaving techniques and are made of raw materials that are collected and processed in a sustainable manner.

Research and Design
As the pioneers in researching new uses for natural fibers in Nepal, NKC designs unique products all the time.
Collection of raw materials
We believe in sustainable collection of raw materials which are treated scientifically to make beautiful, long lasting natural products.
Use of agro based by-product AND OTHER materials
NKC makes use of agro based by-product as raw materials like rice straw, wheat straw, cornhusk, banana stem and other various types of ware grasses, sisal etc.
Preserving culture and
bio diversity
NKC works with Nepal’s traditional weaving culture modifying it to modern life, reinvents it, and promotes conservation and bio diversity in places where it finds raw materials.
Promoting products in weaving and basket sector
We help market and promote handicraft products made locally; especially by deprived women from villages in Nepal.
Providing employment
NKC continuously strives to create jobs for women in villages and towns, helping them to make a livelihood and raise their families.
Establish and develop enterprises
NKC has been successful in developing new enterprises as we initially give training to artisans as per our need based on their skills. Now many of them are empowered themselves as proprieters of their own company.
Corporate Social Responsibility
NKC organizes and conducts varoius trainings at remote areas of Nepal with the motive to empower local women in terms of skill and earning. These trainings result in the modernization of their traditional skills which helps produce marketable products using locally available raw materials.