Fiberweave Nepal
"I was a 12th grade student when I joined NKC in 2001 as an artisan. While working there for all these years, I have continued my studies and completed my master's degree. I am now one of the shareholders of NKC. The journey from an artisan to finance manager and shareholder has made me more confident. I am proud to be a part of NKC."

Reshma Maharjan
Patan District
Fiberweave Nepal
"Our work wasn’t appreciated, it was only known in our community and people didn’t understand its value. After I started working with NKC, I understood the meaning of our skills and I feel proud to be able to share it with others. Now I can earn for myself and don’t have to depend on others to pursue my ambitions. Today people praise our skill and work which is a great achievement."

Sunita Chaudhary
Dang District