Recognition and Awards


Award of excellence for handicrafts 2018 - South Asia Sub-region by World Crafts Council (WCC) for 'The Buddha' designed and produced by Shyam Badan Shrestha in collaboration with Lilian Ball.

SCWEC Woman Entrepreneur of the year for 2018, Shyam Badan Shrestha, chair of NKC for demonstrating excellence in entrepreneurship in Nepal by SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneurs Council, Sri Lanka


Excellence Award for contribution to the industrial sector, Ministry of Industry, Kathmandu


Best Woman Entrepreneur of the year to the founder and chair, Shyam Badan Shrestha

Best Cottage Industry Award, Kathmandu


Best of Show Nepali Women's Arts and Crafts, by GAA, Kathmandu

Acknowledgement to the donor organizations

NKC is proud to acknowledge the following organizations which have been instrumental in helping us achieve our efforts as a centre. Throughout the years we have had the pleasure of working as consultants for research projects and partnering with different organizations to conduct trainings and workshops. NKC would also like to acknowledge the photo documentation opportunities from the supported trainings and workshops.


ILO Nepal supported our mat weaving trainings in 2001 and 2007 in two districts located in and out of the Kathmandu valley.


The UNDP has been a key player for projects in conservation of natural resources and biodiversity, which has been successful in areas such as; community empowerment, conservation, and proper usage of plant diversity in the development of handicrafts.


‘Sahaastitwa’ a project conducted in 2012 by Worldview Nepal, has been working to promote Tharu basket weavers and celebrate traditional culture while connecting producers with buyers. After the introduction of new techniques and designs during this project by Knotcraft, such designs and products have gained immense popularity in the coiling world today. This program was also co-funded by Rotary Club - Australia. NKC also wishes to acknowledge the CECI Uniterra program which has been vital in providing support for the necessary updates and edits to our webpage.