Nepal Knotcraft Centre was founded in July 1984 by its current chairperson Mrs. Shyam Badan Shrestha, whose goal was to provide women economic empowerment through employment. The centre began with just three women who manufactured simple macramé goods. Today, NKC works with hundreds of women from various regions and women's target groups from socially and economically deprived communities. NKC partners with these women to improve their livelihoods while paying tribute to their cultural significance and value to their crafts and craftsmanship.

All of our products are handcrafted in Nepal using all-natural fibres and materials and we are committed to improving our techniques and production in order to ensure every product remains eco-friendly and of the highest quality. You are sure to marvel at our selection of products, and we hope you will share in the unique stories of Nepali culture and tradition that is told through every fiber weaved and designed into our goods.

NKC over the years

  1. 1984

    Registered as a cottage enterprise and proprietor Marcrame & Knot crafts.

  2. 1989

    Kupandol Showroom opens

  3. 1993

    Cornhusk products - doll

    Research and testing plant fibers across Nepal

  4. 1996

      Bamboo products

      Recycled Wood products

  5. 2002

    Fiber weave brand is created

    Recycled Wood productsProduct line changes to reflect new local plant

  6. 2012

    Basketry revolution in Nepal

    Tharu baskets and mats receive economic value and attention

    Trainings established with support and enterprises formed

  7. 2018

    New Show room in Thamel

    Chairperson Ms.Shyam wins best woman enterpreneur for SCWEC Nepal Excellence Award

    Continued work in research and development

    Community support in various district

Fiber Weave

NKC began with macramé products using imported cotton and rayon yarns. The desire to explore the possibilities for natural materials in Nepal opened up new discoveries of over 40 different local plants rich in fiber, while also leading to the discovery of various indigenous skills and knowledge within the ethnically diverse communities of many districts of Nepal. Fiber Weave is now a brand of NKC that is part of a larger sustainable development initiative, seeking to empower women through a focus on the diverse and plentiful vegetable fibers found throughout Nepal.

Our commitment to raw materials and sustainability

Every Fiber Weave product takes its inspiration from traditional designs and techniques and is made from a wide range of raw materials that are collected and processed using sustainable methods. All our products are treated scientifically in order to ensure their beauty and longevity while promoting raw materials and celebrating the traditional knowledge of Nepal. Some of the plants fibers we use include corn husk, wheat straw, banana stems, bamboo, and pine needles. Many of the fibers we use represent unique aspects of Nepali society and hold significant value for various socio-cultural and economic purposes within their communities.