Research, Development and Innovation

NKC is continually striving to find new uses for natural plant fibers through research and experimentation, by exploring and testing over 40 different varieties of plant fibers across Nepal. The Centre has proudly pioneered research for fibers such as cardamom stems and water hyacinth, leading to the use of such raw materials for creating new products.

Supporting Livelihoods

We are happy to offer not only income generation to our artisans, but also a sense of independence and agency. We strive to empower women by transforming their traditional knowledge and skills to be innovative contemporary artists. Moreover, communities of women now have the opportunity to connect with craft, culture and the global market. “I am so happy to be weaving various shapes and sizes baskets. When I got paid for the first time for my work, I brought clothes, toys and other goods for my kid. I am really happy because I do not have to ask from my husband for money” says a 28-year young woman who has learned new coiling techniques of baskets as a result of our trainings and workshops.

Skills Trainings

We have successfully supported over 2000 women across 24 districts in skills enhancement training while utilizing the locally available raw materials. These trainings include different weaving techniques including Plaited Weave, Gundri Weave, Counter Twine Weave (Kathmandu Weave) and Twine Weave and mainly focuses on the exploration, processing and utilization of natural raw materials such as Cattail, Papyrus, Water Hyacinth, Banana Fiber, Bamboo, Corn Husk and Rice Straw. Areas of concentration have included Macramé, Bamboo and Moonj Basketry, Mat weaving with Pater.

Market Linkage

NKC is focused on connecting producers with buyers on the national and international level by bridging these markets together. We are sure to constantly engage our artisans while producing new designs and marketable products in order to ensure diverse market outreach within Nepal and in global platform.